Threshold was our first full-on performance project, and this trailer was created for it by the lovely Paddy Garrigan. The show ended up being exactly what we wanted: a combination of live songs and instrumental music alongside spoken word pieces and recorded testimony from rough sleepers and refugees. We got great feedback and testimonials from this show everywhere we took it and we think this kind of immersive performance piece is the way forward for us.


Bliss was one of our early favourites to perform, often at the end of gigs, before Crossing The Bar. The energetic clarinet style is something Richard inherited from an early love of South African saxophonist Dudu Pukwana: if you’re performing a song about sheer joy, Dudu is a good place to kick off from, and Peter’s piano vamp inferred that South African vibe anyway. For a more complete orchestration of this track, check out Now We are Schwa in our releases!


Carl Sandberg’s poem Bones is the spiritual riposte to Shakespeare’s Full Fathom Five from THE TEMPEST. When Peter first brings a song it can take a while to work out how best to get it over, but this one we pretty much improvised together and then it stayed in that form. The reference for the drum sound isn’t Jamaican music per se, but rather the way someone like Famadou Don Moye interprets those beats: oh, to be a master drummer. Maybe in Richard’s next life.